Will you fix me?

Will you fix me?
In the darkest of nights
Or the bright moon light,
In the closet of your arms every morning
Or the harsh moments of life…
Will you fix me?
When I feel like there is no more hope to survive,
When everything fades away and only shades reside,
When the heart beats fast along the memory rides
And eyes tend to break out and hide…
Will you fix me???

On the periphery of life, there will be moments when I will be low
Among the various faces of mine, there will be a face I will rarely show,
At times I will get into a zone where I will dismay every feel
At times I will be difficult to handle and to deal,
More often you’ll see me dragging myself into me
More often you’ll find an altogether different me,
Sometimes I’ll give the most positive vibes
And there will be days when negativity will bring the worst out of me!
During those bad times
When everything will seem to sublime,
When days will go without talking
And you’ll find nights boring,
Instead of giving up on me
Instead of making inferences out of me,
During those weak moments of life…
Will you fix me?

– Sahil
(28th June, 2017)