Someone 💕

As I load my bags
To travel a new day,
As the curves appear to set
Hoping for a lovely day,
I take a chance to let the heart skip a beat,
I take a chance to let the life give me reason to breathe!
I know the day is yet to come
I know there is lot more yet to happen,
I’m waiting to give smile a reason
I’m waiting for that one Someone…!

Someone, who brings out the best of life,
Someone, who can put my fears aside,
Someone, who will be the ray of hope in sunset of life,
Someone, whose presence will bring the reason to stand and fight,
Someone, whose touch will be enough for pain to subside,
Someone, with whom life will really find its meaning to define!

As the time takes a tide
Let the waves meet the sides,
Brushing through the dusk and dawn
Let the trance put heart on stride!
With arms wide open and smile so big
I’m waiting for the one Someone…
Someone, who’s made to fill me with life 🙂

– Sahil


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