Towards Infinity

In this bumpy vagary ride of life
Out of sorrows that hover you,

Amongst the jovial moments that admire you,

And the lovely moments that inspire you,

There comes a time when you tend to move towards infinity!!!

When your mind starts running with an unusual pace

Your thoughts change upside down in a moment’s trace

Where your heart doesn’t let you fix the haze

And you seem to be lost in reckless haste

That’s when you are travelling in an infinitely vacant mental space!!!

This commotion of thoughts will fly away

And the heart stride will be back normal way

Time is what you need, to put aside the stray

Patience is what it takes to garbage the hay

Maturity and experience is something that comes out of that infinite grey

Don’t be so scared of that endless phase because it will happen anyway

Rather be prepared for amazing roller coaster to the infinite play!!!

– Sahil


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